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Beltone Work - Rihanna, Drake

Work work work work work 
He said me haffi 
Work work work work work work! 
He see me do mi 
Dirt dirt dirt dirt dirt! 
So me put in 
Work work work work work! 
When u ah guh 
Learn learn learn learn learn 
Meh nuh cyar if him 
Hurt hurt hurt hurt hurting 

Dry! ...me a desert 
Nuh time to have ya lerkin 
Him ago act like him nuh like it 
You know i dealt with you the nicest 
Nuh body a touch me in the righteous 
Nuh botha, text me in a crisis 
I believed all of ya dreams, adoration 
You took my heart and my keys and my patience 
You took my heart on my sleeve for decoration 
You mistaken my love i brought for you for foundation 
All that i wanted from you was to give me 
Something that i never had 
Something that you've never seen 
Something that you've never been!