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Rosario - Epik High Feat. CL & ZICO Beltonen:

[Verse 1: Tablo]
Yeah, yeah, do good when you're around
When you're not there, do good when you shut up
If you really wanted to rest so comfortably
Fuck "Rest in", just say "Peace"
You ain't missin' nobody, you're missin' a heart
Isn't it as easy as killing?
A sin that will kill you if you do anything, don't you have a bit of dirt?
Why are there so many saints?
Don't build a teddy bear for me
The law is frightening, but none of y'all fear God
Pretending to be clean, trying hard
What's the point of staying awake? Because my eyes are bloodshot
Do whatever you want, fuck out my way
Why are you talking down to me?
I was lonely as soon as I existed
If you weren't by my side when I cried, I hope you don't have time to laugh

[Pre-Chorus: CL]
Do what I wanna, say what I wanna
Come on, bite it and talk
Don't want your prayers, don't want your roses
Ain't no one dyin' today