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This song has been leaked as being named “Ok” and was first previewed on Rolling Loud’s 2020 virtual festival. Het nummer staat in Album Unbothered, geschreven door Lil Skies en geproduceerd door Buddah Bless.

OK - Lil Skies Beltonen Songteksten:

In the game and you know I gotta win it
Been ballin', nigga, give me a minute
You on the sidelines and you lookin' like you losin'
You talkin' all that shit, nigga, why you accusin'?
You actin' like a bitch, stop doin' that ho shit
Instagram, postin' pictures of your toe shit
What the fuck? Niggas on some ho shit
I mean it, like, niggas on some ho shit
Me and Stan, we on kick the door shit
Back-to-back, kick up any flow shit
I run up in your house and I get the motion
I ain't with the back and forth and all the commotion
I was really down bad but now I'm floatin'
Track to track, back-to-back, I go in
Lap for lap, around the world, they notice
Fast as fuck like a locomotive
Walk in the trap like, "Hey"
Look at that bitch like, "You ain't my bae"
You ain't payin' my rent, my shit ain't paid
Bitch, I wanna fuck and just get laid
Nigga like me, I'm steady gettin' paid, huh
Workin' that bitch like a maid, huh
Workin' that bitch like a slave, huh
Workin' 'til I'm in my fuckin' grave, huh