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Beltone Maddi Jane - Snowflakes  Lyrics

When the snow flakes come down keep em comin'
Landing on my nose
Keep em comin'
They're not like anybody else
Bring on the snow
Bring it all
I'm my own individual
I'm not like anybody else
Sha la la la sha la la la la la la
When they fall down
Do you think that they compare themselves to who falls faster? No way!
At your own pace
Make the moves you wanna make and take your time
Sha la la la sha la la la la la la
Cover me in white
This December night isn't the same without you
Catch you on my tongue
Make me feel so young
Makin' me feel brand new
You're made differently and perfectly yes certainly it's true
Like snow flakes you can go places just by being you
Cover me in white