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Bet You Wanna - BLACKPINK Feat. Cardi B Beltonen:

[Refrain: Jennie]
You wanna touch, wanna touch? Of course you wanna
You wanna run with my love, I know you wanna
From the club to the tub, you said you wanna
Give me an all night hug, I bet you wanna

[Pre-Chorus: Rosé]
I bet you wanna, I bet you wanna
I bet you-I bet you-I bet you wanna
I bet you wanna, I bet you wanna

[Chorus: Jennie, Jisoo]
Something 'bout me's taking you higher (Hey, hey)
And you ain't evеr gonna come down (You ain't ever, you ain't еver)
I'm lighting your fire (Hot, hot)
And it ain't ever gonna go out (It ain't ever, it ain't ever)

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