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Category : Country

Midland - Out Of Sight Beltonen

"You'll never change I know you never will"
I just sat there watching tailights rollin' over the hill
I called her mama and I called her best friend
They said "She called it quits, so boy don't call here again"
Up and down these streets looking for her car
Tried to make it back home, but ended up at the bar
She's gone (she's gone, so gone), never coming back
So gone (so gone, so gone), the train went off the track
And all the king's horses and all the king's men 
Couldn't put me and my baby back together again
So long (she's gone, so gone), that's the way it goes
She's gone (so gone, so gone), and everybody knows
That I'm going crazy one night at a time
She's out of sight and I'm out of my mind
Thought I saw you down in Memphis walking in the rain
I caught a glimpse of you in Dallas getting off a plane
But it's all in my head what else can I do
She ain't drinking anymore, so I'm drinking for two