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Beltone Olivia Holt - Generous Lyrics

I got all of these bad thoughts in my head (oh, oh)
Spent too many cold nights in my bed
Feelin' so lonely
I hate feelin' lonely (turn up)
Gon' give you that good love you deserve (oh, oh)
Gon' give you that ah touch, till it hurts
Just want you on me
Hey, say that you want me (heh)
(Turn up!)
Gotta pocket full of gold
What's your vice?
Anywhere you wanna go?
Well, just ask nice
You caught me on a good day
Oh, tell me what you like
I'll get it right
I'll get it right
I’ma taker, not a giver, but I'm into to you
And the way you lookin' at me got me in the mood
I’m feelin' generous (ha, ha, ah, ha, ha)
I’m feelin' generous (ha, ha, ah, ha, ha)
So, let's