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Vorig jaar sierde Young M.A de wereld met haar debuut studioalbum HERstory In The Making, waarop 21 tracks en een paar assists van Relle Bey en Max YB te zien waren. Vandaag grijpt ze terug naar dat project om een nieuwe visual voor "Kold World" te onthullen.

Het nummer begint met een rappende, diepe stem riff, gezongen door Young M.A, en Marrero verklaart "Everybody ain't playing, man", wat de rappende stem van het nummer bepaalt.

Kold World - Young M.A Beltonen Songteksten:

[Verse 1]
Used to cop that weight, we would call it lil' saint
You got money, you got served, that's 450 for a plate
Must have really liked that bitch, spent 1200 on a date
For potato and a steak and she barely even ate (Damn)
Ayy, lil' bih (Ayy), ayy, lil' bih (Ayy), ayy, lil' bih
You give me some coochie, I might pay your rent (Ooh)
Uh, throw you out the condo if you throw a fit (Get out there)
They tried to hold me back but they can't hold this dick
I remember when my pockets only had a 20 and a five
I would go and buy some pizza and some fries
Metrocard for the week, caught the train, ain't had no ride
Debit card ran out of money, when I swiped, it said, "Declined"
Keepin' it a hundred, you know, like two 50s combined
On Craigslist, like, every day, if they hired, I applied
I ain't got to lie, Craig, I ain't got to lie
And I wouldn't change a thing because today I'm doin' fine
Lost some friends along the way and found some foes (Found some foes)
They wasn't who they said they were, no, them was clones (Them was clones)
Used to have a heart that beat, now it's a stone (It's a stone)
The more money, the more problems, that's the goal (That's the goal)