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Carly Rae Jepsen - Tonight I'm Getting Over You Beltonen

Tonight I'm getting over you
Tonight I'm getting over you
Tonight I'm getting over you, over you, over you
Stuck in a real bad dream, oh man it feels so new to me
Should be in your arms but I'm begging at your feet
It's been a real hard night and I just hold my pillow tight
He won't love me back, no, it's not you and I
We're not lovers, but more than friends
Put a flame to every single word you ever said
No more crying, to get me through
I keep dancing 'til the morning with somebody new
Tonight I'm getting over you
Tonight I'm getting over.
Meditate and do my yo-ger
Then I pull up to the club in a Rover
A Celine bag on my shoulder
I said rr', cock that; Revolver
Rr' rr' that's that nostal-ger
I said I'm number one, I'm a son a gun, and runner up is what they called ya
Ain't trying to be mean but, I am the queen, yuh
Ain't fuckin' with no fuck boys!
Get me get me, should've got me then
Cause I would wear 4 real and you would rock pretend
Yo, can I get another dose of my oxygen
Cause I been breathin' all this motherfuckin' toxin in! (Tonight I'm getting over you)