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A Lie – French Montana Ringtone Free Download

Artist: French Montana
Featured artists: The Weeknd, Max B
Album: Jungle Rules
Released: 2017
Category: Hip Hop / Rap Music

"A Lie" is a song recorded by Moroccan-American rapper French Montana featuring Canadian singer The Weeknd and American rapper Max B. The song was serviced to rhythmic radio on August 15, 2017 as the album's third single. The single peaked at number 75 on the US Billboard Hot 100. Free download A Lie – French Montana ringtone for mobile now!

A Lie Ringtone Download:

Shawty in the way, got the mothafuckin' fix, yeah
Sippin' all day got me leanin' off the kickstand
House on my neck, 'nother house on my wristband
Girls really love me like a mothafuckin' six pack
No time for restin' (restin')
My life's invested in bein' a fuckin' legend (legend)
An icon, tryna cement it ('ment it)
I'm treatin' every year like it's game 7 (game 7)
I feel like problems in my city been deaded (deaded)
I feel like me and my niggas are unthreatened (threatened)
My new girl hate it when I'm always spendin' (all the time)
I guess I gotta get used to it 'cause of my exes
But it's true, though (but it's true, though)
But it's true, though (but it's true, though)
I'm in the cold, rep the north like I'm Trudeau (yeah)
Yeah it's true, though (true, though)
Yeah it's true, though (true, though)
My heart cold but it really beat for you, though

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